Bozebeats is a manga series written and illustrated by Ryōji Hirano. It is based on the Boze one-shot, and the first chapter was released on January 15th, 2018.


Religious monks adapted to modern technology and weaponry to combat the threat of demons. Ryudaiji, a monk who's on a journey to locate and purge a demon spirit, that is terrorizing a forest which was notorious to be a place where people commit suicide, meets a wolf boy, Tamaki Madoka, and his wolf companion. Things starts to develop between the two after an encounter with a tree demon spirit as Tamaki decides to go to the outside world to learn more about his past.


  • Tamaki Madoka: The main protagonist of the series. Originally living in a forest with a pack of wolves, he is eventually found by Ryudaiji and taken to Tokyo to find out his identity.
  • Ryudaiji: A supporting character of Bozebeats. He is Madoka's mentor and a monk who is part of the group named Boze. He is well respected among his peers.
  • Hagakure Hiroichi: A supporting character of Bozebeats. He accompanies Madoka to Tokyo as per Ryudaiji's request. Despite being seen as weak, he means well.